Busting Myths About Calories + Cholesterol

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Two of my favorite myths to bust are… The myth that cholesterol causes heart disease. The myth that all calories are the same. Earlier in the year I was interviewed by Jonathan Bailor and here are the myths we busted together… The Great Cholesterol Myth The four major promoters of heart disease (none of them […]

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Video: The Great Cholesterol Myth

There’s Much More Where This Came From Get all the nitty gritty details in my book The Great Cholesterol Myth » The Supplements Mentioned in this Video Omega-3s » Magnesium » CoQ10 » Citrus bergamont » D-ribose » Curcumin » Resvertarol » Vitamin D » Vitamin C » Tweet

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Infographic: Heart-Healthy Moving Advice

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Infographic design and illustration by Kena Ravel for MyMove Tweet

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The Health Report You Never Read

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I know you get a million newsletters like this with scary headlines like “The Doctors Report THEY Don’t Want You To See” and other garbage like that, but today I’m going to tell you about a REAL health report, one that got exactly zero media attention, which is why I’m pretty sure you haven’t seen […]

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7 Big Breakthroughs for Burning Fat and Building Muscle

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Every year, the American Society of Bariatric Physicians puts on a conference, and as part of that conference there’s a one day intensive sponsored by the Nutrition and Metabolism Society. The Nutrition and Metabolism Society exists to help fight information about the effectiveness of carbohydrate restriction on fighting diabetes and obesity. According to their website, […]

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150 Healthiest Foods: Crustaceans

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Crustaceans are high in protein and low in calories. Watch this video to learn all the amazing health benefits of shrimp, lobster and other crustaceans. Tweet

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Diet + Exercise = Weight Loss? Not So Fast!

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A new study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine claims those battle-tested ways to lose weight usually work and allow people to meet their goals. You know the drill: eat less, watch your calories, exercise more, and reduce your fat intake… that sort of thing. Researchers here gathered information from over 4,000 obese individuals […]

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“The Weight of the Nation”: Documentary Sends the Wrong Message

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This week, a new documentary about the obesity crisis premieres on HBO. It’s called “Weight of the Nation”. And it’s take-home message is wrong, wrong, wrong. You’ll be hearing a lot about this documentary, if you haven’t already. And with good reason. It’s the result of an unprecedented collaboration between the three major public-health institutions […]

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Daily Habit Increases Heart Disease Risk By 20%

A new study in the journal Circulation found men who consumed a 12-ounce sugar-sweetened drink every day had a 20% higher risk of heart disease compared to men who didn’t drink them. The study tracked primarily Caucasian middle-aged men, all in healthcare professions, for 22 years. Every two years, these participants completed questionnaires that inquired […]

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Dessert With Breakfast Helps You Lose Weight? Hmm…

Will a heaping slice of Entenmann’s cheese Danish with your vegetable omelet help you get lean and sexy? Researchers at Tel Aviv University recently discovered that having dessert with your breakfast could help you lose weight. When you enjoy that chocolate cake in the morning, they argue, your body can burn off the sugar throughout […]

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Another Reason to Skip Diet Sodas

A new study shows people who regularly drink diet sodas are 43% more likely to suffer a stroke, heart attack, and other vascular problems than people who didn’t touch diet soda. Researchers weren’t sure what exactly in the diet soda triggers that increased vascular risk, but something does. The study, which appeared in the Journal […]

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JJ Virgin’s Top 5 New Year Tips

I’m really happy to be able to share with you these five smart ideas from my long-time friend and colleague,  acclaimed fitness guru JJ Virgin. JJ is theauthor of “Six Weeks to Sleeveless and Sexy“, the co-star of the TLC reality series Freaky Eaters, and a contributor to the Huffington Post. – Dr. Jonny 5 […]

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