Jenny McCarthy Thinks Vaccines Cause Autism? Not so fast…

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OK, so what do you know about Jenny McCarthy? People who read People  (sorry, I couldn’t resist..) will know all about her Playboy years, her failed relationship with Jim Carrey, her years on MTV and all the other assorted TMZ fodder— but I’m not talking about that stuff. I’m talking about her views on autism. […]

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New Guidelines for Statin Drugs: Watch and Decide!

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On Tuesday, Nov 12, two of the nations leading heart organizations—the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology– released new guidelines on the use of statin drugs for the prevention of heart disease. The new guidelines—about which more in a moment—are a giant step forward towards the goal of having every American over […]

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Video: The Great Cholesterol Myth

There’s Much More Where This Came From Get all the nitty gritty details in my book The Great Cholesterol Myth » The Supplements Mentioned in this Video Omega-3s » Magnesium » CoQ10 » Citrus bergamont » D-ribose » Curcumin » Resvertarol » Vitamin D » Vitamin C » Tweet

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Higher Stress Hinders Healthy Eating

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A study in the journal Social Science and Medicine found that a tough economy means parents often neglect nutrition both for their teens and themselves. “Our work underlined the need to take into account the competing pressures that so many families… are experiencing,” said lead researcher Dr. Katherine Bauer. “There’s a great need to help […]

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7 Tips for Healthy Family Dining at Home

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A recent meta-analysis at Rutgers University reviewed 68 studies that looked at the connection between families eating together and childhood obesity rates. Based on these previously published studies, researchers asked whether scientific evidence supports the idea that eating together more often can reduce overweight and obesity in kids. Just as you probably concluded, kids who […]

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Fast-Food Ad Familiarity Making Kids Fat?

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Research recently presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) annual meeting in Boston revealed familiarity with fast food commercials can increase the likelihood young adults will be overweight. If you ever got one of those annoying jingles stuck in your head, you know exactly how powerful advertising can be. Fast food restaurants spend billions a […]

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How to Get Kids to Eat Their Vegetables

A new study in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior found kids will usually eat vegetables if they’re disguised in other foods. If you grew up eating soggy spinach and limp broccoli, you at some point likely developed a strong distaste for vegetables. That’s the only reason I can imagine kids have such a […]

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Ditching Dairy & Gluten Found Effective for Autism

A new study in the journal Nutritional Neuroscience found a diet without gluten and casein could improve behavior and physiological symptoms in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The Penn State researchers asked 387 parents and caregivers of kids with ASD to fill out an online survey about GI symptoms, food allergy diagnoses, food sensitivities, […]

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Revamped School Lunch Menus a Mixed Bag

If you’ve ever stepped foot in a school cafeteria, you likely bore witness to the chicken nuggets, tater tots, and other Frankenfoods that somehow pass for nourishment for our kids. Recently the government gave a much-needed cleanup to federally subsidized school lunches for the first time in 15 years. Many critics, along with First Lady […]

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Think Kids Won’t Eat Healthy Food?

I hear from parents all the time who bemoan the fact that their kids won’t touch “healthy” food. If you’re a parent who has this particular challenge (and what parent doesn’t?) here’s a really cute and interesting video shot at the Weston Price conference. It was given to me by our friend Randy Hartnell, president […]

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New Cholesterol Guidelines: Utter Madness

Usually I try to write these newsletter articles with a modicum of objectivity and fairness, checking my passion at the gate. But this latest travesty from the Cholesterol Establishment is simply too much to take sitting down. On Nov 11, The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute issued new guidelines on cholesterol. They now advise […]

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The Best Diet for Maintaining Weight Loss

Researchers in Denmark have found that a high-protein low-GI diet was significantly better than other diets tested at maintaining weight loss in subjects who had already successfully shed pounds. My father used to have a favorite saying: “It’s easy to stop smoking. I myself have done it lots of times!” The same could be said […]

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