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Video: The Great Cholesterol Myth

There’s Much More Where This Came From Get all the nitty gritty details in my book The Great Cholesterol Myth » The Supplements Mentioned in this Video Omega-3s » Magnesium » CoQ10 » Citrus bergamont » D-ribose » Curcumin » Resvertarol » Vitamin D » Vitamin C » Tweet

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The Dirty Little Secret About Diet Research

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Let’s face it: most diet research sucks. There, I’ve said it. Now I’ll show you why. To do so, we have to briefly—and, I promise, painlessly- discuss one or two fundamentals of research design. Only then can you truly know how misleading, inadequate, often irrelevant and sometimes dangerous much of the nutrition research you hear […]

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Diabetes: Prevention and Cure

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It’s almost impossible to talk about diabetes these days without also mentioning its constant companion: obesity. In fact, the two have become so linked that health practitioners have come up with their own nickname for the pair, a kind of medical version of “Brangelina”-they call it Diabesity. According to Linda Geiss, a statistician with the […]

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The Five “Must Read” Nutrition Books of 2012

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This is the time of year where book and movie critics come up with their “Best of the Year” lists, so I thought it a perfect time to do my own version of same. These five books—only three of which actually came out this year—are must reading for anyone interested in health, nutrition and diet. […]

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“Low Fat” Comes in Last Place… Again

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So three penguins walk into a bar, get to talking, and decide to enroll in a diet study. I’m kidding of course, but I thought it might be a novel way to introduce the new diet study that was just published in the august Journal of the American Medical Association, and has got the media […]

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Low Carb Beats Low Fat for Fat Loss & More

A study that Johns Hopkins researchers presented at a recent American Heart Association meeting showed the more belly fat you lose, the better your arteries can expand, which allows more blood to flow to your heart, brain, and other areas. The six-month study divided 60 men and women into two groups that combined either a […]

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Take a Vacation From Your Low-Carb Diet

Can you take a five-day “vacation” from your low-carb diet every week and still burn fat? A new study suggests that possibility. Researchers here found women who cut carbs for just two days each week lost more weight than women who stuck with a permanent calorie-restricted diet. In other words, for five days every week, […]

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Three Great Ways to Make a Protein Shake

From time to time I hear from people who absolutely love the whey protein powders we sell on our website like Dream Protein, Whey Cool Protein and Paleomeal, but are stuck for ideas on how to use them. Sure, you can just add water, or some frozen berries, but after a while that can get […]

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Are There Any Fattening Vegetables?

Are some veggies more fattening than others? It’s not an unreasonable question. As you know, we’re experiencing an epidemic of obesity and diabetes in most of the Western world. (Actually, it’s not just the western world- India and China now lead the US in the number of diabetics, but even adjusted for population the percent […]

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Size Matters: The Truth About Carbs vs. Calories

We Americans aren’t fond of complexity and nuance. Maybe it’s the pace of our society, the influence of the “fast cut” or the speed of our Blackberries that has reprogrammed our brains and shortened our attention spans. Who knows? All I know is this: when it comes to nutrition information, people want it short, fast, […]

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The Best Diet for Maintaining Weight Loss

Researchers in Denmark have found that a high-protein low-GI diet was significantly better than other diets tested at maintaining weight loss in subjects who had already successfully shed pounds. My father used to have a favorite saying: “It’s easy to stop smoking. I myself have done it lots of times!” The same could be said […]

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Natural Weight Loss

When I was a kid, my father used to tell me how easy it was to stop smoking. “Nothing to it”, he’d scoff, “I’ve done it at least a dozen times”. Which reminds me of weight loss. Most people have had the experience of losing the same ten pounds (or more) as often as my […]

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