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150 Healthiest Foods: Hazelnuts

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Watch this video to find out why you should Hazelnuts (aka Filberts). Tweet

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This Antioxidant Can Protect Against Parkinson’s in Men

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A new Harvard study published in the journal Neurology found men who ate flavonoid-rich foods reduced their risk for Parkinson’s disease. The study looked at almost 130,000 people. Within the 20-year follow-up, over 800 of them had developed Parkinson’s. Researchers analyzed their diets, accounted for other factors, and discovered men in this study who ate […]

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150 Healthiest Foods: Avocado

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Vitamin E and Prostate Cancer

If you happen to be a vitamin supplement, you’ve had a bad week. At least as far as public relations go. First there was that study on older women and vitamins, suggesting that women taking common vitamin supplements have a greater risk of death. (Last week I told you why I thought you should effectively […]

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Whey Protein and Muscles

A new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition demonstrates that whey protein is significantly effective in producing muscle gain, at least in older men. For years, bodybuilders, fitness buffs and people just generally into healthy living have debated the relative merits of different types of protein powder. For the average person, choosing […]

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Multivitamin Benefits Stress and Mental Function

A recent study showed that men taking multivitamins had significant improvements on major clinical measures of stress and general well-being. In the study, 215 health males were randomly assigned to receive either a multi-vitamin-multimineral supplement or a placebo, for just over a month. Compared with placebo, those taking the multi had significant improvements on the […]

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